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“It started out as a goal to go on dates with women who I considered powerful in my life and then it turned into so much more…”


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The story

It all started as a goal to connect with more people in general and it translated to going on dates with “powerful” women. First off, it allowed me to redefine the word powerful. I realized through the process the word means a variety of things. Second, I met with people from all walks of life, from close family friends to business owners to the founder of a local non-profit. By understanding the emotional connection that we need as human beings, I left each meeting as if I was walking on air: inspired, confident and ready to “rock this joint”.

After a while, I realized I wanted everyone to feel the same way I did leaving those meeting. I not only left with uplifting energy, I left with stories that needed to be heard and themes of life that I wanted to explore and present to the world.

The day I knew this was a project I wanted to take on, was the day I casually looked on instagram for a “women of southern california” instagram page. I thought to myself, “there HAS to be a “Woman of Socal” instagram page already. Just like there’s a people of New York page, right?? I was wrong and that’s when I felt my spidey senses tingling. I knew I was onto something. My close friend told me something that I had heard a lot at the point…”DO IT.” She encouraged me to just go for it, to start it, not to think about it. Not the first, or last time I will hear those words.

After a while on the ‘gram I realized there are a number of collectives that support and highlight women in Southern California for their achievements. However, what I have learned is each voice has a unique story to tell and a voice to be heard.

I hope you enjoy Women of So Cal and leave this page inspired to go, do and move in your own lives.

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