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Diana Ravenda
Aretha Hill  
Rebeka Melber
Niki Ferguson
Glory Mattaliano
Kathleen Barrett
Amber Marie
Kamille Patricia
Zachary Maloney
Elaine Black
Steven Drummond

Mackenzie O’ Kelley
Tunde Oladokun
LaJuana Henderson 
Kasey Phillips 
Evelyn Rosero
Phyllis Strawder
Phoebe Solomon
Yanira Losoya
John Profrant
Joslyn Forkland
Isabel Lee

Katrina Carlsen
Gaby Valenzuela
Brita Bliss
Mara Livezey
Daisy Villa
Amy Jimenez
Irene Quevedo
Lashawn Etheridge
Maria Alvarez
Zari Haggenmiller
Brigitte Connelly

Lawrence Maminta
Lishawn Lalonde 
Nicole Jenkins
Marissa Calderloa
Mary Lou & Rudy Lalonde
Mark Dodge
Araz Nelson
Brandon Jenkins
Mindy Kindhart
Sherli Barlow
Lawrence Maminta

Highlights from Our First WOSC Brunch!

Meet The Founder!

Hey! I'm Brittany

I am the founder of Women of So Cal. I am a daughter, sister, friend, ex-social worker, walking oxymoron. I am a powerful, lovable, breathtaking leader, honoring and embracing the goddess within me moment by moment. I am a young entrepreneur, that charms with her sarcastic sense of humor and deeply cares for other, all the while, asking the question, “Why?”

"Anything is possible, if you've got enough nerve."

J.K. Rowling

WOSC Podcast

Podcast Ep. 1 (Araz Nelson)

The first episode for the Women of So Cal. Araz Nelson and I discuss transitions, the journey to our purpose and how to continue to move forward towards our dreams.

Podcast Ep. 2 (Urina Iman)

In this episode of the Women of So Cal Podcast we meet Urina Iman of Vox Pop Branding. She talks about her vision for consciously responsible business and the keys to women succeeding in entreprenuership

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